Struggling to stay in touch with reality while stuck in a world they describe as corrupt and in need of help, Escape The Future are set to shock the British music scene as they fire out their new EP; Forever Now. The last time a punk band released an EP with so much heart and passion buried in its sound was back with bands like The Undertones and The Sex Pistols. Escape The Future bring the old school punk attitude back to life with a modern twist hoping to Make people smile as globally as they can.

This group of Southampton punks were formed by singer, songwriter and bassist Joe Wenman in late 2016. He was sick to death of a constant powerful mainstream of manufactured pop taking over the industry and is bringing punk and rock n roll back to life. He recruited likeminded souls Alfie Bowers (guitar) and Bailey Havill (drums) and the threesome began their adolescent journey.

Joe lives for punk music and believes he can make a difference to people whom have gone through similar difficulties in life and to the music world itself. “I am so excited to release our new music! We have learned a lot on the road and it really shows in our new songs, which will be released soon”. Joe is the Dad of the band; he cooks burgers for the boys and bought them beer when they were only seventeen, which he claims is because Alfie “lied about his age” but this cannot be proven. Another claim that cannot be proven: “I’m not gay; a lot of people think I’m gay. I have a girlfriend. She thinks I’m gay”.

Alfie is constantly bullied for his worst memory…vomiting all over the band van on his first ever gig with ETF. Particles of puke are still discovered occasionally and are donated to the local Boy Scout group to be used as fire starting fuel. He is also well known for telling girls that he wrote all the songs. “Joe can’t take all the glory”. Alfie is the Mum of the band; if you are upset you can sit on his leg and he will touch your heart (or balls).

Bailey was sadly diagnosed with Tourette’s meaning that he regularly calls the other members ‘Prick’ or ‘Vagina’. He once got his head stuck in a bus door on route to a show and is constantly laughed at by old ladies as a result but he’s pretty good at drums so became the bands full time ticker. “I once had a dream that I turned into a gnome and figured out that I couldn’t move to play drums and I’ve had PTSD since”. Bailey is the disabled child of the band; although he is not actually disabled (bar Tourette’s) he does need a helping hand in the right direction sometimes.

With a large range of inspiration from bands like Blink 182, Buzzcocks, Green Day and The Undertones, the three-piece mix inappropriate lyrics with heartfelt words that see them effortlessly move from deep love songs to tongue in cheek, to songs about mental illness, politics and having sex.


"Repairing a pop-punk puncture rather than re-inventing the wheel, a bunch of youngsters from Hampshire who look set to upset the South Coast punk scene by being too damn good too young" LOUDER THAN WAR MAGAZINE

"Listened to Birthday Suit and thought it was fun and a nostalgic influenced song from early 80s English punk.. nice one!" VINCENT FIORELLO | LESS THAN JAKE

"Their fresh take and modern twist on punk and new wave sometimes recalls the energy of The Undertones and Buzzcocks, but they really sound like nothing else around right now" THE DAILY ECHO

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