Forever Now EP (2018)

"Escape the Future sound like what would happen if Frank Turner fronted a punk band. We’re aware that he has already done that, but we mean if the folk infused Frank Turner fronted a punk band, not the rebellious child of his youth" - YORK CALLING

Featured in Punktastic.

"The band are what I would imagine The Fratellis would have been if they had any stones between them. Vocally there isn’t much that hasn’t already been heard in the punk scene but that whole ‘singing in my own accent’ thing works really well over a punkier riff than it does with an acoustic guitar. This is a getting ready to go out for the night anthem of 2018" MIND NOISE NETWORK

Birthday Suit EP (2016)

"Repairing a pop-punk puncture rather than re-inventing the wheel, a bunch of youngsters from Hampshire who look set to upset the South Coast punk scene by being too damn good too young" LOUDER THAN WAR MAGAZINE

"Listened to Birthday Suit and thought it was fun and a nostalgic influenced song from early 80s English punk.. nice one!" VINCENT FIORELLO | LESS THAN JAKE

"Their fresh take and modern twist on punk and new wave sometimes recalls the energy of The Undertones and Buzzcocks, but they really sound like nothing else around right now" THE DAILY ECHO

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Forever Now - New Live Video